4 Georgia Tech seniors look back on their Yellow Jackets basketball careers


Moore: Williamson.

“He is, for his size, extremely explosive, so it is difficult to contain him.”

Parham: Elijah Hughes, Syracuse.

“He was just a three-level goalscorer. He could shoot it, (score) on the rebound, had a mid-range (jump shot), also had a good inside game. It’s a bit difficult for me to choose a player, but if I had to choose one, it would be a name that I would say.

Usher: “Honestly, I’m not sure.”

Coach Josh Pastner’s Favorite Trait or Saying

Devoe: “There are a lot of things he says or does that make me laugh. He’s just a great guy to be around. He also makes a lot of jokes and stuff. But he also has a different seriousness when it comes to this game and how he takes his approach.

Moore: “He has a lot. The one that comes to mind is, he’ll be like, I was born at night, but I wasn’t born last night.

Parham: “It’s something we even laugh about these days. He was like, ‘Bubba, it’s not VMI, it’s ACC.’ If I had to identify a saying, it would probably be this one.

Usher: “Just that he doesn’t use cusswords and says like, ‘butts’ and ‘asses’ and stuff like that. He finds a way to piss us off without using swear words.

Favorite Game (besides ACC Championship Game)

Devoe: Tech’s November 2018 season opener vs. Lamar, Devoe’s first-ever game.

“It was just my first time playing McCamish, my very first game playing McCamish. You had to put on your jerseys and go out there and compete with my teammates.

Moore: All five games against Duke and the first two against NC State, both decided in the final seconds with game-winning scores from James Banks. The latter of the two was won with two free throws with 2.1 seconds left in overtime for a one-point victory at the season opener in November 2019 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“He grabbed the game with a free throw. I think it was a really intense game all game long.

Parham: The victory over Kentucky in December 2020 at State Farm Arena.

“I felt like we played at a very, very high level this game after two tough losses to Mercer and Georgia State, we played Kentucky at the Hawks arena. I played well, our whole team played well and I was happy. Kyle Sturdivant came in and also played well. I think this game brought me and Kyle together as friends. I think that was the game. I think that game pivoted our season for one and, for two, we played that game really well.

Usher: A February 2020 home win over fifth-place Louisville. By standings, it remains the most significant win of Pastner’s tenure.

“I remember one time, I made a pass and James dove to the ground and pushed him a little further and Jose picked him up and threw him at me and I had the dunk. “

Favorite time off the pitch

Devoe: The team’s 2019 summer trip to Spain.

“It was an amazing trip. Just being able to visit all of Barcelona and everything, seeing how different the culture is from what we see in the States – how they dine out later, what kind of food they eat, their culture music, their fashion culture, all those types of things.”

Moore: The trip to Spain.

“It’s just living a different atmosphere. I even feel the way people are and they act there, the different sites there. It’s just kind of stepping out of our comfort zone and being able to walk through it with some of my closest friends, it’s truly an amazing experience.

Parham: The trip to Spain.

“I think this trip not only allowed us to win every game, but it brought us together as a team. And for me, I was a bit new and that allowed me to get to know each other and get closer to my teammates. I feel like it was definitely the one trip or the one time that brought us together as a team and as individual players. It was a really, really good time, a fun time to get out of the country with my brothers.

Usher: A trip that Devoe, Moore, Rice and Usher took to the Bahamas in the summer of 2021.

“We have to hang out and just be on the beach and take time with ourselves. it was fun.”

First impressions of each other

Devoe Usher: “I ran into him when he was staying in the dorms, and he and (former walk-on) Malachi (Rice) were watching TV on a tiny 10-inch screen. I thought he was really quiet, but as far as basketball goes, he’s become a lot more confident than he used to be, strong and vocal more so I always liked that he asserted himself on the court or that he has confidence in his game.”

Usher of Moore: “I thought he was super quiet, but I just liked that he was just a real dude.”

Parham’s Devoe: “I couldn’t believe he was really coming here, that was my first impression when I saw him. But then when he got on the pitch and started competing with us this summer – we had individual training – I thought he was really good. He was a top guy. He competed with us. Whenever we played one-on-one or two-on-two and stuff like that in the summer, he always brought that high-level competitiveness that we really needed for our team too, in addition to Jose (Alvarado) and everything that too gave us another guard who could come here and play.

Usher’s Parham: “I thought he was a crazy talent, but he’s also a crazy guy at the same time. I thought he was really, really good. … Once I first met him, I was like, Wow, he can pass, he’s got one of the best grips on the team, (can) shoot, he’s athletic, that’s is the most athletic guy on the team. I was thinking about this guy, this is the real deal.

What they learned to appreciate in each other

Devoe on Parham: “If you were looking for the definition of a teammate, his picture would be right there. He is the true definition of a teammate. A guy who loves all of his teammates, no matter who it is and what guy it is. Great guy, he cares about everything about the team, he would do whatever the coach says. Just a great overall player too. One of the best shooters too, I would say, that I have ever seen too. He can really shoot the ball to a high clip.

Usher on Moore: “He really cares about his mates. He gives 100% every time on the pitch, never really responds, does something like that. He’s just a great friend, a great player, a great guy that I like to be with. »

Moore on Devoe: “How much he cares about his teammates, his friends and the game. There’s a lot of respect in that aspect.

Parham on Usher: “Jordan, he does a lot. People don’t know it, but what he brings to the team every day is unparalleled. The energy he brings, that toughness he brings, playing hard and everything – you want to be with a guy like that.