CNY Highlights Athlete of the Week: Baldwinsville Basketball Player Sidney Huhtala (Video)

CNY Highlights Athlete of the Week: Baldwinsville Basketball Player Sidney Huhtala (Video)

Syracuse, NY — The smile and bubbly personality are truly authentic but only part of by Sidney Huhtala story this year. She can quickly fire off a rocket that matches her bright red hair.

“I was calling this year my year of revenge,” the Baldwinsville eldest said.

The chance to strike out a big point comes tonight, when Huhtala and his basketball teammates take on Cicero-North Syracuse in the Class AA Division III final. Huhtala was a member of the Baldwinsville side that fell to the Northstars in the title game two years ago.

As a game-controlling point guard averaging 16.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game, Huhtala,’s Star Athlete of the Week, will have a big voice. to determine if the result is different this time.

“Remembering two years ago when we lost, that feeling, I think it’s going to help us fight this week in training. And as long as we work on our defense, I think we have a good chance of winning,” she said. “The worst thing is obviously congratulations to the other team, but when the other team gets called up and they get their shirt and their medals and you have to sit there and watch that, I think everyone has that memory in their minds and it’s just motivation so that it doesn’t happen to you. You want to be that team up there to get the jersey and the medal.

And if Huhtala gets that refund, his job will only be half done.

Although she is an All-CNY field hockey and basketball player, Huhtala’s favorite sport is lacrosse. She will play this sport at Division I Niagara. Much like his efforts on the basketball court this winter, his spring motivation will be driven by disappointment. Huhtala was a defender for the Baldwinsville team that lost to Cicero-North Syracuse in the 2021 Divisional Championship Contest.

“I think of them all the time, both of them. I don’t forget it. It drives me crazy to think of either, like ‘I should have done that. You should have done that,’” she said of the two losses in title contention.

Luckily for Huhtala, she has a hands-on role almost every time she runs on the field or in the field.

She scored 10 goals and added 15 assists as the hub of a Baldwinsville offense that won a section crown this fall. When a teammate’s injury necessitated Huhtala’s move from small forward to playmaker at the start of this season, she gripped the wheel firmly.

A finely honed sense of the game through field hockey, basketball and lacrosse eased the transition.

“I think it’s just a lot of movement between all the sports, they’re easy. Spatial awareness and the ability to anticipate what is going to happen helps you know where the ball is going to go, what to do next and helps you get better with the game,” she said.

A large sports menu is a must for Huhtala. She said lacrosse really slaps because she derives satisfaction from making defensive saves that help her team convert goals at the other end of the field. But in reality, she can turn to any sport available at the moment.

“It’s hard to explain. Basketball and lacrosse are my two best. I love playing them. I’m very competitive with them. Field hockey, I always have fun playing it,” he said. she said, “Maybe because it was less stressful playing basketball and lacrosse, I was thinking about going to college for one or the other. So it was more stressful when I got older and more pressure. But field hockey, there was never any pressure so it was more fun. But the other two are definitely my favorites.

Huhtala is in the third of a senior year that prioritizes a triple crown of sectional titles. But even if it doesn’t go exactly to plan, she’s already charted a course that ends with her as the winner.

“I feel pretty happy with my college career and everything I’ve done in the past. I’ve had fun,” she said. “I’m super competitive. I’m done in my life, I met them through sport. All the teams I’ve played with, they’re great people I’ve played with. So it’s been good.