‘Cricket balls are edible’ – Rohit Sharma’s bizarre tweets lead netizens to believe his account is hacked

'Cricket balls are edible' - Rohit Sharma's bizarre tweets lead netizens to believe his account is hacked

Some bizarre tweets from Rohit Sharma have taken social media by storm.

Rohit Sharma (Photo source: Twitter)

Indian Skipper Rohit Sharma’s Twitter account has caught the attention of fans, after a series of unusual and bizarre tweets were posted from the batters’ social media account. Fans of the 34-year-old striker have even claimed that his account could be hacked by malicious elements.

For the uninitiated, the prolific Indian striker will play his first test match as captain against Sri Lanka. The clash is scheduled to start on March 4. The batter missed the Test series against South Africa through injury and will now be up front. his troops to play a two-game Test series against the Lanka Lions.

Rohit thinks his account might be hacked

Meanwhile, since the morning of March 1, Rohit’s social media account has made several bizarre tweets. At first, a tweet from his account read, “Love coin tosses…especially when they end up in my belly!” Coincidentally, Rohit has won plenty of throws lately after taking on the captaincy role.

In another tweet just three hours later, another humorous message appeared: “Bzz….! Did you know? Buzzing hives make great punching bags!

Two hours later, a third tweet appeared on the skipper’s account: “Cricket balls are edible…right?”

With the series of eerie tweets from the skipper’s account, social media fans engaged with witty responses. In fact, the majority of fans were assured that Rohit’s account was hacked.

Coming to the case at Rohit’s home ground, he will lead India in the upcoming two-game Test series against Sri Lanka. Standing in his first series as a trial skipper, Rohit will have a lot to prove both at bat and as captain in the game’s longest format. The 34-year-old hitter has played 43 games in the format so far, scoring 3,047 runs with a 46.88 average. The batter also has 14 half-centuries, eight-hundreds and a double-hundred under his belt.

Meanwhile, India prop Virat Kohli, who marked his final international century in the Test format in November 2019, will also be looking to end his long drought. The former skipper will also play his 100th test match against Sri Lanka on March 4.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at how the Twitterverse reacted to Rohit Sharma’s bizarre tweets: