‘Goosebumps’: This Nepalese player has kept the ‘spirit of cricket’ alive. here’s how

'Goosebumps': This Nepalese player has kept the 'spirit of cricket' alive.  here's how

In a competitive world, the camaraderie shown by athletes on the field has always sustained us. In one such fine example, a Nepali cricketer is praised online for supporting the ‘spirit of cricket’ in a T20 match with Ireland.

During the Oman Quadrangular T20 series at the Al Amerat cricket ground in Muscat, Nepali wicketkeeper Md Aasif Sheikh had a chance to fire Ireland’s Andy McBrine. During the 19th, drummer Mark Adair tried to hit a Kamal Singh Airee delivery hard, but failed. Adair and McBrine decided to take a quick single and as pacer Airee quickly tried to catch the ball and attempted a run, he accidentally collided with McBrine.

Even though the pacer kicked the ball in time to Sheikh, the wicketkeeper opted not to take the bails off, allowing McBrine to reach the crease safely.

“I got goosebumps here in the comment box because this is a touching moment. It was accidental, and he could have kicked it out here,” the commentator was heard saying as the time has passed.

“And Aasif Sheikh said, ‘No,’ he won’t because of the spirit of the game. This is your nominee for the Spirit of Cricket Award for 2022 for the ICC,” the commentator added.

Cricket commentator Andrew Leonard then took to Twitter to explain why the moment was special and worth highlighting. “Nepal may have lost the game but they have undoubtedly won the hearts of the cricketing world,” he tweeted. Praising Nepalese skipper Sandeep Lamichhane, Leonard added that he was the one who asked Sheikh not to miss McBrine. “It was Lamichhane who went to shake Andy’s hand immediately,” Leonard added.

The heartwarming moment caught the attention of not only the commentator but also cricket fans around the world. Eventually, Nepal lost the game to Ireland by 16 points but surely won hearts online because of Sheikh’s decision.