IND vs SL – 1st Test – “All credit goes to Virat Kohli for getting us started in the cricket test”

IND vs SL - 1st Test - "All credit goes to Virat Kohli for getting us started in the cricket test"


New Test captain also toasts Rahane, Pujara’s contributions as India prepare for full change of guard

India’s Test cricket is on the brink of a full-fledged changing of the guard. There is a new captain and the squad is about 300 less experienced caps. Two new hitters will have to fill spots more or less occupied since 2012. The new captain, however, is in no rush to overlook the accomplishments and contributions of those who have come a long way.

When asked about Virat Kohli’s 100th test, Rohit Sharma spoke enthusiastically. “He was [an] absolutely brilliant trip for him,” Rohit said. ” A long. To go on and play 100 tests, it’s been a wonderful journey. He did extremely well in this particular format. It changed so many things in the way the team moves forward. It was awesome to watch that. It was a hell of a ride for him. It will continue to be so for years to come. We really want to make it a special moment for him.
“As a team, I think the series we won in Australia in 2018-19 was a very good series for us. He was the captain there. As a batter, the best memory is the century in Johannesburg in 2013. On a tough pitch, which had a lot of rebound, and we were all playing in South Africa for the first time. And he faced Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Philander and Jacques Kallis… it was never going to be easy. The way he hit, got a century in the first and scored around 90 in the second… that was the best shot I can remember. Perth 2018 was also special but I think this one beats the one -the.

Even while looking forward to his next stint as captain, Rohit made a point of acknowledging Kohli. “I’m looking forward to winning as many games as possible and doing the right things with the right players in the squad,” Rohit said. “As a Test team, we are in a very good position right now if you look at our last five years in Test cricket. All credit goes to Virat himself for taking us forward in this particular format. he did with the test team over the years was brilliant to see.

“I have to take it honestly from where it started. The team is in a very good position. Of course we are somewhere halfway in the WTC table. But honestly I don’t think we have done something wrong in the last two or three years of Test cricket. Of course, we want to improve every game we play. That will always be our benchmark moving forward.”

One of Rohit’s first big captaincy calls will be to find the right replacements for Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane, but even there he first talked about their contribution. “Those are big shoes to fill,” Rohit said. “Never easy for the guys coming in. Even I don’t know who is going to come in. You have to wait until tomorrow morning. But yeah, what Pujara and Rahane have done for this team, you can’t put it down. words All those years of hard work, playing 80-90 Test matches, all those overseas Test wins, India going No.1 in the Test format, those guys helped us all the way and played a big part in that. no way they won’t be reviewed in the future. They will definitely be part of our plans in the future. As the selectors also said, it’s just to the moment we haven’t considered them. There’s no guarantee, nothing written about them that they won’t be considered for future series.”

That doesn’t mean Rohit isn’t excited about what he’s currently working with, though. “These guys who are going to replace Pujara and Rahane, they’ve done extremely well every time they’ve had the chance, whether it’s top class cricket at home or India A tours or all the limited opportunities they had while playing Test cricket,” Rohit mentioned. “I think we just have to support these guys to be good for us. Sometimes we have to look forward. These guys have been waiting for a while now. Hopefully they can turn things around for us. It’s just not one or two games, but I envision a number of years for them to play for India and do well for us.”

India’s latest captains except Anil Kumble wrapped it up by the time they reached Rohit’s age when he begins his captaincy. The last two or three years have been great for him, but it’s safe to say that just 43 Test caps in such a long career is a mediocre comeback. Rohit, however, said he was not aiming at any personal targets.

“What goal should I set for myself? Rohit said. “My goals are set for the team. I don’t think about myself. I’m happy with 40 [Tests]. I have no regrets. Lots of injuries, lots of ups and downs, but it goes on in life and in cricket. You will never get a smooth ride in cricket. The ups and downs will teach you a lot. Now I don’t have any personal goals I have to do this, I have to do that. Ahead of me is a lot of work. I just think we have to do well for the team.”

Sidharth Monga is an associate editor at ESPNcricinfo