Ole Miss Basketball’s Jarkel Joiner Discusses NBA Vs College 6th Grader

Ole Miss Basketball's Jarkel Joiner Discusses NBA Vs College 6th Grader

OXFORD — In heist movies, master thieves are often driven out of retirement to do “one last job”. Then, in the sequel, they are told again about their retirement.

In 1982, classic rock legends The Who embarked on their farewell tour. Forty years later, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are still rocking the arenas.

Ole Miss senior guard Jarkel Joiner will take part in the Rebels’ Seniors Day festivities against Vanderbilt on Saturday (5 p.m., SEC Network). It’s usually a surefire sign of the end of a college career. But if years of Fast and Furious The sequels and rock star reunions have taught us something, and that is that a conclusion doesn’t have to be an end.

“This is not goodbye,” Joiner told the Clarion Ledger.

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