Someone else took credit for my decisions in Australia: Ajinkya Rahane

Someone else took credit for my decisions in Australia: Ajinkya Rahane

Ajinkya Rahane played a key role as a hitter and frontman in popular Indian series Win Down Under during the 2020-21 tour, but he has now made some startling revelations, saying “someone else got given credit” for the decisions he made during the tour. .

India looked down in the series when they were knocked out for just 36 in the day-night test in Adelaide. Virat Kohli also returned to India after this defeat to be with his wife, as they were expecting a child. It was Ajinkya Rahane who led India in the remaining three games and scripted a famous comeback which also resulted in a series win.

He also played a pivotal role in their victory in Melbourne scoring a century of victories and thus leading them forward. However, in a recent interview, he went on to say that he was not happy to see others taking credit for the decisions he made.

“I know what I did there. I don’t need to tell anyone. It’s not in my nature to go and take credit for myself. Yes, there are things I I made the decisions on the pitch or in the dressing room, but someone else took credit for it,” Rahane said on an episode of “Backstage With Boria.”

“(What was) important to me was that we won the series. It was a historic series and for me it was really special,” he added.

Rahane, however, has received plenty of praise from pundits, former cricketers and fans for the way he led the team in Kohli’s absence and following that humiliating loss in Adelaide. India also continued to lose many key players to injury during the series, but the fringe players stepped up under Rahane’s leadership to script an inspiring comeback.

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“After that, the reactions of people or those who took credit for it or what was said in the media, ‘I did that’ or ‘It was my decision’, or ‘It was my call ‘, it was up to them to talk about it,” Rahane said.

“From my side, I knew what decisions I was making on the pitch and what decisions I was making based on my instincts.

“Yeah, we also spoke with the management but I was laughing about it, that’s what I was doing on the pitch, I never talk about myself much or brag. But what I did there, I knew it.” However, Rahane suffered a protracted slump after leading India to that historic win in Australia, and that continued on the South Africa tour.

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Rahane didn’t have a good time after this series. He played 13 Test matches in 2021 and scored 479 points with a measly average of 20.82. This includes two significant 50s and a few 40s, but the overall consistency was lacking. Following his poor run, he also lost his position as vice-captain and only played as a batter during the series in South Africa, where he scored just 136 runs in six innings with an average of 22. .67. He was the target of criticism after his bad race but doesn’t care. In fact, he believes in himself and is confident of getting his mojo back.

“I just smile. People who usually know the sport won’t talk like that. I don’t want to dwell on it too much. Everyone knows, you know, what happened in Australia.

“Even after and before Australia, the contributions I made, especially in red ball cricket, I don’t want to talk about that, but Australia was really special. Like I said, people who know the sport, love the sport they’re going to speak reasonably,” he said.

“Yes, I have confidence in my own abilities, I hit very well and I believe in my abilities. And I still believe that I have good cricket left in me,” Rahane added.